Cinema its impact on young people

There are so many other productive and interesting things to do in life other than unnecessarily wasting hours on useless movies. The one who will captures positive thinks in every situation and act on it as well as neglecting negative thinks he is only the successfull human in this world.

Some of them help us to ignite the imagination, some of them are full of emotions and truly interpret stories of life.

Short essay on the Impact Of Cinema On Social Life

Things and articles can be shown in practical use through the films. But the sad story is that there are also some films which contain nothing but intense sexuality and vulgarity. There should be some social messages but it just creates the non-humanic attitude.

I think we should watch the movies for entertainment and enjoy. Social Advantages Among the teens the trend of watching movies is followed as a passion. That would only happen now. These things affect the people watching it at a psychological level.

Amid such mad rush and rising competition, they need something for relaxation and movies are a good way to relax. Bad films leave a very vitiating effect on the minds of youth.

How do people interpret history. And then coming to present day movies the films are dealing with over violence and lack of morals and not even thinking of bad provoking into the minds of people.

Short essay on the Influence Of Films On Youngsters

And old movie showed us the living relation with together, love, etc. Inchildren are targets twice over — the first time of gunmen, the second of conspiracy theorists.

So, Indian films are the worst enemy of our country. Movies are like mirror reflection and mode of, what happening in our society to reach us. According to me, the most of the films are provided the good things for us.

This mean I m not saying that films are totally good I know some dirty sceneries are also included in it but God has given a power to us to know what is right and what is wrong so we should have to take the right things from it.

Some people say that youth are trying to imitate the actors in cigarette smoking, hairstyles and in lifestyle and they were addicted to that lifestyle.

They show us good things and bad things also. And the common disadvantage is from a movie which we learn is corruption sexual harassment drugs such that adult murder etc.

In this movie, we saw the struggle about that person to achieve in life and second example about Milkha Singh. Movies are one of the best choices of recreation.

Finally, my opinion is the film is a part to corrupting youth when we receive bad things otherwise not. Most of them have to remain content with secondary or supporting roles, sometimes not even that.

The modern audiences want songs and dances, spectacle and gorgeous costumes, love scenes and fights. Directors of the Movie should also take some steps to not give the wrong intention to youth. Adventure movies can arise in you a spirit of adventure and motivation.

But remaining the films are corrupting the Indian youth. Youth are making movie stars their role models if the new generation follow the steps of these stars for sure the whole country will be corrupted with all the evils And above that the TV serials have destroyed thousands of families by showing them how to plot against one another in the family wake up before it's too late my advice to you all is disconnect cable TV and satalite TV instead use a DVD player or download some good stuff to entertain your family always watch your children every time because it's our responsibility to guide them in right way hope you guy's may take a serious thinking on the topic and make life useful for others.

But now in present-day situations. It is a good and easy means of advertisement. Young people still make up the greater part of audiences at the movies, so it makes sense that cinema reflects problems that affect them – police racism and far-right violence, yes, but economic.

Short essay on the Impact Of Cinema On Social Life Ashiya The films which make the people gamblers, dacoits, etc. should totally be banned. These films effect the moral character of young boys and girls badly. Cinema, on the whole, is a powerful means of recreation as well as of education.

It. floss romances to action-thrillers, cinema derives its sustenance, ideas and imaginations from its surroundings. The images cinema creates, surreal or tangled wave of deceit, need to be in sync with. How Do Movies Affect Society? By Loranne Yaun If you are a certified fan of movies, it certainly had influenced you a lot in your decisions, thinking, mood, views, and etc.

Movies are one of the best choices of recreation. There are currently thousands of movies produced by different film industries.

three decades dealing with the influence of the cinema on young people. The task has not been an easy one: the field of subject-matter is wide and has been approached from various points of view - physiology, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, criminology, education - and the results have been.

What are the positive and negative impacts of movies on society? Update Cancel. So, for a mature and educated audience, movies can be reflections of the unknown alleys of the society, its people, customs, life etc.

Most of the scenes depicted directly affects the young as they being immature do not get the essence of scenes and try.

Cinema its impact on young people
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