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Those is favour may say aye, those opposed may say no. Search PM Modi presents point action plan to promote solar energy, calls for less-risky projects Narendra Modi presented a point action plan that includes making affordable solar technology available to all nations, raising the share of electricity generated from photovoltaic cells in the energy mix and framing regulations and standards.

As Chief Minister, Modi favoured privatisation and small governmentwhich was at odds with the philosophy of the RSS, usually described as anti-privatisation and anti-globalisation.

The mahagathbandhan is about dynasties, not about development. Modi joined the BJP inand a year later he was made the general secretary of the Gujarat branch of the party. In other words, Modi is betting on the maturity of Indian voters. According to them, Gujarat's performance in raising literacy rates has been superior to other states and the "rapid" improvement of health indicators is evidence that "its progress has not been poor by any means.

Jul 20, PM's jibe at Rahul Gandhi's wink today: He was the third of six children born to Damodardas Mulchand Modi c. He became involved in printing pamphlets opposing the government, sending them to Delhi and organising demonstrations. As I worked with a speed of 35 and accuracy of On that, the Congress president has precious little to offer, except poverty fetishism and failed socialist rhetoric.

Look East Policy[ edit ] Main article: Under his leadership, the BJP secured a significant victory in the December legislative assembly elections, winning of the seats in the chamber including a seat for Modi.

At the end of that month, having been granted a U. However, the country's oldest political party, the Indian National Congresshad established a small foreign department in to make overseas contacts and to publicise its independence struggle.

Modi scored two significant diplomatic achievements early in his term. Once you have completed the registration process, you will have to now login to your account to start working.

Narendra Modi assets: Negligible cash, but PM’s wealth rises to Rs 41crore; top 10 points to know

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In it, Modi argued that scavenging was a "spiritual experience" for Valmiks, a sub-caste of Dalits. As many as 22 million people of Indian origin live and work abroad and constitute an important link with the mother country. Russia is the largest supplier of military equipment to India, followed by Israel and France.

Modi rose steadily in the RSS hierarchyand his association with the organization significantly benefited his subsequent political career. The RAW gathered intelligence, provided intelligence analysis to the Office of the Prime Minister, and conducted covert operations abroad.

The Prime Minister called for concessional financing at lower risk for solar projects. If its unreadable or blank image, press the appropriate button. One important thing you should note. But what is your recipe for success.

Rahul Gandhi spoke without notes while PM Narendra Modi is referring to notes for many parts of his speech tonight.

Narendra Modi's Planetary Position

But for now, for all those unable to log in to the website. The United States and European Union recognised the fact that Pakistani military had illegally infiltrated into Indian territory and pressured Pakistan to withdraw from Kargil.

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Traffic restrictions are in place on some roads for the Independence Day function at the Red Fort, while the Delhi Metro began services at 4. Jul 20, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan: The end of the Cold War gutted the core meaning of nonalignment and left Indian foreign policy without significant direction.

In Modi was one of the BJP members who participated in a coalition government in the state, and he helped the BJP achieve success in the state legislative assembly elections that in March allowed the party to form the first-ever BJP-controlled government in India.

Described on PlayStore as the Official App of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the NaMo App mentions “Bharatiya Janata Party, 11 Ashoka Road, New Delhi”, which used to be BJP headquarters till early last month, as the address of the developer.

Other. PM Modi's boost to startups in India: Ten points. TNN PM Narendra Modi addressed the 'Startup India' scheme and spelt out the key features of government's action plan to encourage entrepreneurship in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Korea's Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Paik Un-Gyu at the India-Korea Business Summit in New Delhi on February 27, Narendra Modi presented a point action plan that includes making affordable solar technology available to all nations, raising the share of electricity generated from photovoltaic cells in the.

On May 2, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down for an exclusive two-hour interview with TIME editor Nancy Gibbs, Asia editor Zoher Abdoolcarim and South Asia bureau chief Nikhil Kumar in.

Narendra Modi, in full Narendra Damodardas Modi, (born September 17,Vadnagar, India), Indian politician and government official who rose to become a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In he led his party to victory in elections to the Lok Sabha (lower chamber of the.

Narendra modi 10 points
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India-Korea Business Summit: India one of the most open economies, says Narendra Modi - The Hindu