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The director of marketing administration, who had been at Staples since its pre-IPO days, arranged to have her team meet with Lewis on a one-on-one basis as well. She is true in every word, she keeps her promises and maintains loyalty and most of all she is beneficial, she does everything to contribute to the general well-being of others; either it is taking time out of her personal schedule or by simply treating everyone with kindness.

Staplesa nationwide office supplies superstore. To counter the noted insecurity within the marketing department and to further improve communication, Jeanne may have considered keeping staff informed of changes by way of a newsletter or an intradepartmental website.

However, to optimize the transmittal and reception of the message, the sender must recognize and eliminate potential barriers. Leadership style adopted by Lewis is vital in shaping the perceived innovative culture among the stakeholders. As a member of the merger transition team explained: Lewis felt that she could not begin to improve the integration of marketing across merchandising, operations, and the SBUs until her own house was integrated.

As Jeanne Lewis began to explore her thoughts informally, on how to develop marketing integration, she embarked on sharing her thoughts in relation to the direction she felt the marketing strategy in her part of the department might open up.

They began the mornings with a 7: For instance, she took efforts to deliberately provide corporate leadership to all departments thus making controls as well necessary communication bit possible.

She wants to have open communication so that everyone knows what is going on with the other and for everyone to become focus on one goal.

Jeanne Lewis at Steples, INC

She had demonstrated considerable leadership talents, business acumen, and drive. For communication to be understood, the message must be decoded. My style is that I want things to happen quickly. The resources and timescales ought to be set in an attempt to reflect a defined legitimate level of expectations as well as dedicating a number of resources which will be at the reach of all employees.

This communication strategy largely requires the involvement of the team and all employees at both initiations as well as implementation procedures. It was our job to think strategically—to keep the other departments honest when it came to long-term growth.

Lewis needed to retrain her followers by telling and offering leadership designs which the receivers Jeanne Lewis at of information had to resolve and make selections to go Gathering information from the already experienced players in the field played a vital role in undertaking marketing integration activities.

But Lewis also knew that it could be frightening to give up the ideas that had made the company successful. Through the use of multi-communication approach, Jeanne Lewis will no doubt make the employees interested in the communication process.

Several communication barriers exist at Staples. When the merger fell apart, Jeanne felt the corporation was lacking a clear direction. The stores were underperforming, which she concluded was because of a lack of strong leadership throughout the area: This structure was designed to encourage ownership and accountability, and each SBU had its own strategic priorities and aggressive quarterly financial objectives.

The pertinent conditions present in the environment which could limit the achievement of the communication goals of Jeanne Lewis included the ideas and perception advanced by the employees of the organization.

During the ten month merger negotiations between Staples, Inc. Lewis decided to take her time to thoroughly assess what she was inheriting: In addition, the task force created a Point Team of key managers.

By developing a communication strategy, the sender will reduce barriers, improve decoding and ensure reception of his intended message. Furthermore, the marketing staff was understandably apprehensive about KrasnoWs planned departure, and many were already mourning his loss.

If Lewis were to relinquish her authority over to the actual teams and hold each team accountable for their decision, then she would be illustrating Respect.

This non-responsive attitude among the employees poses as a barrier during normal meetings. Upper Saddle River, NJ The director of marketing administration, who had been at Staples since its pre-IPO days, arranged to have her team meet with Lewis on a one-on-one basis as well.

Retail, Contract and Commercial, and International. The merging did not pull through, and Staples was left struggling to focus on profitability and to rebuild their business.

Ideally these barriers are as a result of diverse perception between Jeanne Lewis and other employees. It was not easy to find people who could thrive in this fast-paced, often stressful environment.

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Jeanne Lewis at Staples Inc. (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

View Full Essay. Jeanne Lewis at Staples. Managing Organizational Change. Case Submitted. by. Six months from now, on February 1,Jeanne Lewis (HBS ’92) would become the senior vice president of marketing at Staples, Inc.

(Staples), a nationwide office supplies superstore. March 4, NBA Jeanne Lewis at Staples, Inc. Given the young age at which Ms. Lewis began working at Staples she managed to show that she is a great manager and an exemplary leader. As discussed the article titled “What Leaders Really Do”, a good manager must be a skillful in judging an individual’s skill sets in order to better organize teams.

Jeanne Lewis at Staples Inc. (A) Case Solution,Jeanne Lewis at Staples Inc. (A) Case Analysis, Jeanne Lewis at Staples Inc. (A) Case Study Solution, Jeanne Lewis at Staples Inc. (A) Question: Discuss the nature of the change Lewis was trying to achieve. Was it a strategic repositioning of the company or.

Jean Lewis was hired by Staples as a summer internee in the Marketing department in After her graduation from Howard University in she was recruited by Staples as a Marketing Manager for Sales and Forecasting Field Marketing. Ms. Lewis replaces Todd Krasnow, who is about to launch a new entrepreneurial venture after 12 years with Staples.

Ms. Lewis is currently Senior Vice President, Retail Marketing and Small Business, and has marketing, operations and merchandising experience in her five years with Staples.

Staples jeanne lewis
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