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And yet these seem to be about the only people that execs and commissioners have confidence in to create a hit studio sitcom. Sketch Comedy The second concern is sketch comedy. Other writers in this small pool of talent have moved away from sitcom altogether.

Writing for BBC Radio Comedy

And then work with Miranda Hart, which led to involvement in the first two series of her TV sitcom, which, of course, began life on BBC2 and transferred to BBC1, showing that system can still work.

What is it about the process, or working conditions that means virtually all of them are doing something else. However much time you spend crafting the script on paper, it will be astounding how many cuts and changes leap out at you once you hear it.

You know the ones. The audience should always want to know what is going to happen next, and be intrigued. Again, no small achievement.

The idea has to be one that genuinely excites you, and that you have some genuine reason for writing. You shoot the show in sequence. Channel 4 and Sky are at liberty to do whatever they like. We're looking for writers who can take notes, are tenacious, thrive on feedback, love re-writing and adore the process just as much as the end result.

Experience would suggest, though, that there are not many acts big enough to be worthy of a prime-time mainstream sitcom slot. The supply or encouragement mainstream studio sitcom and writers thereof is not their problem.

List of BBC Radio 4 programmes

Radio is not like film, where a hit will spawn a host of imitators. Then, write to the producer. Whether the characters are heightened a lot or a little, they need to be recognisably human, behave in ways that people behave in life rather than in an artificial sitcom world, have personalities which will generate comic conflict and disagreement, and have tones of voice which are immediately and obviously theirs.

Plenty of extra detail will be added once you start the script, but the more prepared you are, the better. Some of these episodes are truly great. Again, these are normally character based, rather than idea based. Tailor your script to its intended market. Think of one of the funniest lines ever penned: Sometimes tens of millions.

List of BBC sitcoms

But there are serious drawbacks. Having too narrow a theme and overworking it can be as dangerous as having no focus at all.

Or will you feel happier piecing together a show in a dark room in Soho. Know the specific slot that you see your piece being suitable for too — be it a sitcom, sketch or drama.

Put them in the middle of a really serious war, and you have my favourite of them all, MASH. People usually have the radio on in the background for company and rarely tune in for specific shows.

Also, after writing for one of those shows, writers are sometimes asked to be an additional writer for shows like The News Quiz — and if you get that you could land yourself a years contract working for the Radio 4 comedy department as one of their contract writers.

Read a free sample or buy Writing for BBC Radio Comedy by BBC. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac/5(5). Writing TV Sitcom. Scriptwriting tips. Situation comedy is in some ways a dramatic form, in that it must tell a story. Read these scripts from the BBC Radio Drama archive.

Bodyguard. This pressure on BBC Radio is no big surprise, though, because as it stands, BBC Radio is the only realistic destination for those who really want to write studio sitcoms. The problem is that it’s a huge jump from BBC Radio 4 to BBC1 where the stakes and budgets are far higher.

BBC Radio 4 commissioner Caroline Raphael offers her top 7 tips for breaking into radio writing. 5 minutes to read. Whether you’re interested in writing drama or comedy, plays or sketches, BBC Radio 4 commissions hundreds of hours of original material every year – far more than BBC TV – and is always on the look out for new writing talent.

"I really enjoyed writing the first series, and it was a joy to have Katherine Jakeaways as a writing partner. "The process of writing and recording the show was fun from start to finish.

With an emphasis firmly on script development, The Sitcom Mission is an international sitcom writing competition, 'The X Factor for sitcoms'. It showcases minute sitcom scripts in front of the British TV and radio comedy industry.

Writing a sitcom bbc radio
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