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However, we were confronted with the sad reality that only a tiny percentage of our Lodges had developed and maintained a meaningful Masonic education program.

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See below for a sample job application form. PoeFlorissant Brother J. Edward BlinnMarshfield Brother William]. EMIL E. We have launched a program which promises to add substantial strength to our whole Fraternal effort.

Brother Virgil W. And now, we have just completed our new Western Unit of the Masonic Home which is located in Jackson County,just east of Kansas City - a mighty approbation of the strength of Missouri Masonry.

A job application can be completed in several ways. Brother Charles E. Brother Thomas L. Past Grand Master Fielding A.

Proceeds of a number of money-raising events provided assistance for families stricken by illness or injury. Brother Frederick M.

Again at the Area Meetings the Lodge education program was carefully explained to all of the Lodge officers present. Our most successful Lodges have strong leadership. This has been the prevailing theme of reports received from our Lodges in relation to Masonic education, the practice of Masonic charity and the support of Masonic youth organizations.

CARL L. The key to their success was leadership. I implore the Senior Wardens of our Lodges to exercise the greatest care in appointing well-qualified Brethren to serve as advancing line officers.

I and other Grand Lodge Officers, as well as members of the Masonic Education Committee, participated as discussion and resource leaders. Rap of gavel seated the Grand Lodge. As I conclude nine years of membership on the Board of Directors, I leave with many happy memories of my association with the Residents, the Staff, the Board and the Advisory Board.

Brother Milford W. By the vote of the Grand Lodge, Brother J. Brother Martin B.

Thus a dream is about to become a reality. Brother Robert A. Brother Elmer E. For example, Nodaway Lodge No.

Perhaps the single most important decision of an officer preparing for the East is to select a brother who in a few short years should be expected to serve as Worshipful Master of his Lodge.

Grand Chaplain P.

It is ajoy to see all of you. Cobban, Member RW. Those are the Lodges which are generally lacking in effective leadership, their members are poorly informed as to what Masonry is about, they practice little, if any, charity, they do not meet regularly, their officers do not know the ritual and they cannot understand why they do not attract new members.

There we find the Brethren taking time to call on the sick and to comfort the bereaved. Brother Ronald R.

This hope is based upon the fundamental principle that knowledge must precede commitment and commitment must precede unified and directed action. That leadership must be undergirded by a keen awareness of the nature of the Masonic way of life.

The Company has retained Georgeson Inc. Brother Albert J. Grand Chaplain Ronald R. Hopefully, they will see fit to do so in the future. Vincent Kinkead, Member R.

Possibly the emphasis placed upon the importance of Lodge communication at our Area Meetings might have accounted in part for the development of a number of interesting new Lodge bulletins.

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GRAND LODGE Ancient, Free and Accepted. Masons of the State of Missouri • Official Proceedings One Hundred Sixty-Fourth Annual Communication • September 30 and October 1,A.L.

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Writing army awards 63851
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